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Music Box was last revised in 2012

Music Box Emergent Behavior Music 2009 from Lindsay Grace on Vimeo.

Music Box is an artistic implementation of emergent behavior and its use to create music. Music Box employs a flocking algorithm to display animated notes that rise from a written score, then move to create a distinctive flock-lead musical arrangement.  The result is emergent sound; a musical arrangement directed by the visual representation of flocking.

Music box was started in 2006. It is implemented using direct-X. It supports real time interaction, design time controls and 3-dimensional stereoscopic sound. Music Box is a creative exploration into the relationship between visual composition and sonic experience.  



Music Box is available as a performance exhibition in which the artist or visitors direct the experience via computer game controller. Music Box combines the agency of a game experience with the natural harmonies of emergent behavior.


Music Box is also available as a looping video display. It is displayed in 10" digital frame or in DVD format.

Highlighted exhibits:


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Music Box Emergent Behavior Music 2008 (with explanation) from Lindsay Grace on Vimeo.